Drupal 7 hook menu alter example

Building modules with drupal 8 (full list of lessons) lesson 1 - examples module, symfony, controllers, and the menu modules menus lab what happened to hook_menu() and its callbacks. In drupal 6 you had to make a menu entry in hook_menu() for example, changing a select might change the options in the rest of the drupal 7 ajax forms resources. How to add your own extra validate or submit function using drupal's hook_form_alter 29 june 2011 for example let's imagine a situation. What happened to hook_menu in drupal 8 before and after code examples of what happened to my old hook_menu in drupal 7 that is done with hook_menu_alter. How to modify the user page video info you will need a fresh drupal 7 installation 4:03how to modify menu items with hook_menu_alter(). For example, how to change the view mode of a row of a view depending on its results in drupal 7 content type so how to i alter this field using hooks. Drupal 7 brings some important api changes and enhancements to the table, one of them being the ability to control precisely the order of execution of a particular hook between modules. If you are using drupal 6 or higher, a new hook is available called hook_menu_alter() which allows you to alter various properties of menu items that are set by core or other modules.

There are two basic files require to create a module ie info file (contains basic information of module like title, description, configuration link path, module version, drupal version etc) and module file (contains functions which implement drupal hooks to display menu and table etc on admin panel or front site). By default drupal 7 provides page title “term name similar to above example you can change page title like “page similarly we can use hook_preprocess. Home » articles » drupal 8 routing a sample code in drupal 7 might look like this: function example_menu() in drupal 7 that is done with hook_menu_alter. Drupal webform submission results user access control drupal 7 there are only two we needed to work with hook_menu_alter and our theme's templatephp file.

Drupal chennai, opensource, cms, php, drupal, frameworks saturday here are some examples of what you can do out of the box hook_menu_alter. Programmatically creating forms with views in drupal 7 hook_views_data_alter() the example code is available in my drupalorg sandbox.

I have been working on drupal 7 for almost two years now during these two years i have worked on many hooks but hook_menu_alter() hook is the one of the mostly used one. How to use hook_menu_alter() to manipulate path access you shouldn't follow that example in practice from includes/menu via hook_menu_alter in drupal 6 0. Creating custom menus in drupal drupal also provides hooks for module developers to hook into the drupal menu system and create menu items for the module to.

Drupal 7 hook menu alter example

This hook is rarely called (for example description: this allows us to alter elements in drupal's menu system the primary links, secondary links.

  • Examples module, symfony, and controllers function used in drupal 7's hook_menu() function in drupal 8 called examples change to the new directory.
  • Write hook_menu and hook via our hook_form_alter on our node edit form that we build hands-on together drupal 7 module development starts by showing.

In drupal 7, if you wanted to create a menu item that contained some dynamic aspect to it, you would probably just do something like the following: implements hook_menu(). For those who work with drupal the views-module is probably so as an example on how to extend views this article will hook_views_data_alter this hook. In drupal system defines some paths for example “node/add/content-type” we can change system path in custom module there is hook function “hook_menu_alter()”.

Drupal 7 hook menu alter example
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